LoCos, Leaders, and Lessons Learned: Pennsylvania Team September 24, 2012

In the latest LoCo Team interview in this US Teams Interview Series, Benjamin Kerensa talks with Jim Fisher LoCo Contact for Ubuntu Pennsylvania.

US-Teams: Could you tell us a little about you and what your role in the LoCo Team is?

Jim Fisher: When our founder stepped down, and after being inspired by Elizabeth
Krumbach’s Fosscon Keynote address, I volunteered to be PA Team
I look at the role as Team Contact, more than leader, and try to get
our various areas within the state to act autonomously with their
local communities.



US-Teams: When was Ubuntu Pennsylvania founded? How long did it take to get approved?

Jim Fisher: Founded: March 2007

First Approval: June 2007

Re-Approval: September 2011


US-Teams: What tools do you use for your team? Mailing Lists, Forums, IRC,  websites, Micro-blogging sites etc.

Jim Fisher:  Via our website at http://ubuntupennsylvania.org/ we use everything.

US-Teams: What are the biggest challenges your team faces now and what strategies does the team use to over come them?

Jim Fisher: PA is a large state, so we split the state into ‘Regions’ to better
serve all parts of the state.

The Philadelphia Area is the largest, and has always been more active
than the other areas.
We hope that by doing things in the Philadelphia Area, the other areas
will be inspired to do the same.

The biggest challenge is finding people willing to do things. It’s
really not that hard, but unfortunately, no one steps up and does it.

US-Teams: What types of activities does the LoCo Team participate in? Are there any events the LoCo team sponsors?

Jim Fisher: We do Release Parties, Installfests, and Bug Jams.

We sponsor Fosscon, CPOSC, and Software Freedom Day.

Through the years we have done many things.



US-Teams: What are some of the projects your LoCo team has worked on? What are some of the upcoming projects the Ubuntu community can expect to see from the LoCo team throughout the next cycle?

Jim Fisher: For the future, we will continue with our ‘Main Events’: Fosscon,
Software Freedom Day, CPOSC, and Release Parties.

Hopefully, with enough interest, restart NTR Training and refurbishing
of old equipment.

US-Teams:  What are some of the ways in which the LoCo actively recruits new members? What resources have you created or do you use (ie posters, fliers, business cards, banners etc)

Jim Fisher: At events we bring our banner and business cards.

Posters and fliers have been effective.

More recently, we have used reddit.

US-Teams: What has been the most rewarding and exciting moment for the LoCo Team to date and why?

Jim Fisher: All events. It’s amazing, but whenever we get together in real life; it’s magic.

US-Teams: What suggestions would you offer for newly formed LoCo teams or those teams working toward approval right now?

Jim Fisher: Nike. Just do it. Don’t listen to naysayers.

US-Teams: What tips, tricks, tools, references etc would you suggest for the leadership of a LoCo team?

Jim Fisher:  The resources are out there. Bugjam – POW. The community docs
have everything you need. Start small. Ubuntu Hour. Just do it. Then when you see how easy it is
you can move on to bigger events.

Give people roles to make them feel a apart of the LoCo and to split
up the work to prevent burnout.

US-Teams: When you think of the Ubuntu Community and the spirit of Ubuntu how does the LoCo embody and share that spirit?

Jim Fisher: The greatest part of the LoCo are the newcomers. Being accepting and
welcoming to the newcomers is the Spirit that LoCo’s provide. We all
have to start somewhere.

US-Teams: Is there anything else about the LoCo team, or suggestions for being an effective and successful LoCo team you would like to share that you haven’t already?

Jim Fisher: Nike. Just do it.

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