Welcome the the Ubuntu US LoCo Teams website.

The site is here to assist you in navigating to all the resources available for our team and Ubuntu. The Ubuntu US LoCo Team is the coordinating team for all the Ubuntu US LoCo Teams in the United States. We are a volunteer group who advocates digital freedom and promotes Ubuntu as a means of achieving this.

Our goal is to help establish active volunteer teams in every US state, to assist those state teams to become officially approved Ubuntu teams, and to help Ubuntu reach its goal of squashing bug #1. Ubuntu helps our team(s) to accomplish these goals by providing many resources including, IRC channel, mailing list, forum, wiki, and much more.

Our mentoring program matches up individuals from successful approved US Teams with new or struggling teams to help get them on the right track toward becoming approved and successful Ubuntu LoCo teams. Mentors have shown that they can successfully use the resources provided by Ubuntu to organize a LoCo Team.

Our team hopes that you will use the numerous links we have provided to learn more about Ubuntu and our Ubuntu US LoCo Teams project. Whether you are currently a member of an established US Team, are considering starting a team in a state that is without a team, or want to learn more about Ubuntu, this site will help you navigate and learn about our team and…Ubuntu.