Feeling lonely? Finding what other LoCos are up to May 24, 2011

Article contributed by Elizabeth Krumbach

It can sometimes feel a bit lonely running a LoCo in your small area of the country. What resources are available for finding out what other LoCos are up to? Where do these folks swap trade secrets and share successes?

Here’s a quick rundown of a few resources you can use and visit to learn more and be inspired by the work of other LoCo teams:

  • loco-contacts mailing list – no, you don’t need to be the contact for your team to join!
  • Chat at #ubuntu-locoteams on irc.freenode.net (click here to access via your web browser)
  • LoCo Directory: indexes events of teams all over the world! Using it for your team yet?
  • Planet Ubuntu, while not strictly about LoCo teams there are often posts about events and parties held by teams so it’s frequently worth a browse
  • Ubuntu Team Reports are monthly reports from teams all over Ubuntu so they can share their progress with the rest of the community. LoCo teams have been asked to participate so you’ll find news from several teams around the world aggregated here. Not doing team reports for your team yet? That page also links to details on getting started.
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