The Best Wiki Pages You Didn’t Know About: LoCo Computer Fair Howto January 2, 2011

Article contributed by Elizabeth Krumbach

When it comes to wiki pages for LoCo team there is a lot of great information out there but finding it can even be a challenge for seasoned LoCo leaders. This continues our series of articles highlighting some of the “Best Wiki Pages You Didn’t Know About” which seeks to highlight some of these pages and encourage expansion.

A lot of LoCo teams have booths at conferences (see the ConferenceApperances wiki page). Canonical will send out a limited number of Conference Packs to teams which request them, and there is a ConferenceTopTips wiki page which offers some general suggestions for running a booth and engaging visitors.

However, what I needed was a good page detailing the great ideas of LoCo teams around the world for what they do at and bring to booths. To my delight this page already existed!


This wiki page not only goes into extensive detail about what you can DO at your booth, but it provides a table of common things to collect for your team’s “booth box” and takes you through the steps of what you should do in the weeks before the event, an hour prior to the event and after the event. It also has photos of some of the booths that other teams have put together for inspiration.

So next time your team is planning a booth, be sure to check out this page, and come back to it to add your tips when you come up with great ideas!

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