US Wiki Doc “Day” 2009 September 6, 2009

Article contributed by Elizabeth Krumbach

I'm going to Ubuntu Global JamOn the weekend of 2nd – 4th Oct 2009 LoCoTeams around the world will be celebrating the UbuntuGlobalJam.

In addition to any formal events your team may be having, we want to see your wiki updated!

Your wiki fine? Help us update and expand the USTeams wiki!

Want more to do? The LoCoTeams wikis have a wealth of information but could use some help with organizing. You might even find a new idea for an event or project while browsing through the pages, or find a place where you can add your own ideas.

Check out and show your team participation by adding yourself to the list on our wiki:

And join us in #ubuntu-us on to share status updates, collaborate and chat about your team and other teams in the US. If you don’t have or know how to use an IRC client, you can join via the web here:

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