Joining a US LoCo Team August 10, 2009

Article contributed by Elizabeth Krumbach

One of the most common questions we receive is “Is there a LoCo team in my state?”

The short answer is “Probably!” There are only a handful of states in the United States which have no one making any kind of effort.

How do I find my team and join?

Visit the team list and follow the link to your state team:

The wiki page for your state should offer instructions on how to join the team and get involved with upcoming events. Join and get started!

Help, my team seems dead!

Currently in the US LoCo teams have a variety of activity levels. Some approved teams may have monthly events, newly created teams may have yet to gather enough people to host one event.

First, it’s vital to check all the team resources (wiki, chat, forums and mailing list) for activity. Some teams primarily communicate via forums, some in chat, some via the mailing list. Just because a forum is quiet, doesn’t mean the team is dead – could be they’re planning everything in chat!

Once you find others, get into contact. Many quiet teams are quiet because someone tried to get things rolling and didn’t have enough contributors. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to the team, your interest could be enough to encourage others to get going again.

How do I increase team activity?

The LoCo Team Howto and LoCo FAQ are important documents for getting help with your team:

How do I request a mentor?

In the US, we have a mentoring program for teams looking for help. Check out our Mentors page for information about requesting a mentor:

Further resources:

Still have questions, or otherwise having trouble finding, joining or working with your team? The US Teams project also maintains a mailing list, forum and chat channel where folks can ask questions and share experiences:

Mailing List:


Chat: #ubuntu-us on (for more info on chat, see:

Happy LoCo-ing!

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